The Right Kind of baby shower gifts You can Choose

The Right Kind of baby shower gifts You can Choose

The bath time is both an emotional and stressful time that young parents discover with apprehension.

  • How to position baby?
  • How can you be sure that the water is at the right temperature?
  • What products to use to best respect baby’s fragile skin?
  • Why does the bath tire baby?
  • At what time of the day to bathe him?

Many of us have asked these questions, and so many others pack and play bassinet. To enjoy bath time serenely and fully enjoy it , follow our advice for the best baby shower gifts.

First of all, we recommend that you prepare all the necessary bathing equipment so that you have it on hand and stay close to your baby when he is in the water.

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What does it take to give a baby a bath?

The bath is given to baby from birth. If you gave birth in the maternity ward, the nurses may have helped you give your first bath, but when you get home you should be ready to take over. Here are the products that will help you do it with confidence.

Baby baths

Determine the type of tub you want, knowing that purchasing a tub that is your child’s size is imperative for baby’s safety, especially in the first few months of life.

Good to know: your baby is not at risk if you hold him well. In order to make this moment as secure as possible, we recommend that you place one hand under his neck and another under his buttocks.

Several types of baby bath are available to you.

From birth to your baby’s 12 months, you can use:

  • rigid bathtubs, which look like a standard bathtub but smaller. They can be installed in your bathtub and in your shower, if it allows it,
  • folding bathtubs, easier to store than their previous counterparts,
  • inflatable baths, also useful outside, when baby is older.
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From one year of age, when your baby knows how to sit and stand on his own, you can switch to:

  • shower tubs, which save a little space with a design less in length and more in height,
  • swim rings, which are similar to a seat to put baby in to prevent slipping.

There are also bathtub models that follow baby from birth to 4 years old. This is for example the Flexi Bath. It flattens out for easy storage when you’re traveling or when you just don’t need it anymore.

Good to know: to spare your back, know that some brands, have provided bathtub supports so that you can easily bathe baby. Be careful to take a compatible bathtub and support to ensure the safety of your child.

In any case, to choose the tub you need, think about the size of your tub or your shower. If you do not opt ​​for a tub with support, it will have to fit in.

Good to know: 

There are also baths in combination with changing tables. When you need it, slide out the tub to wash baby and once the bath is over, the tub finds its place under the changing table. This system is particularly useful if you have a small bathroom.